Organizations working with BOSaNOVA benefit from optimal operations.

Central management for sending updates and managing versions to users throughout the organization.

Our innovative system provides organizations with smooth, shock-free transitions while preventing production loss. The product includes all the emulsion capabilities of the BOSaNOVA Secure 9, as well as:

Connecting to IBM i via secured SSH server
Non-compromised organizational system
Silent software and updates installation
User management system
Connecting via SSH Server

BOSaNOVA Enterprise allows you to connect to a central computer via an SSH server. The connection between the server and the end user is encrypted and secured. End users have no direct access to the central computer – except via the server. The SSH server can be installed on IBM i or on external server (running on Linux)

Silent Installation

The initial software installation is performed by running “self extract” exe file.

The installation configuration is predefined by the systems administrator and is part of the installation package that is transferred to the user. The end user runs the installation file without any additional configuration changes. Changes to user configurations or version updates are transparently transferred to users, without their intervention. Names are defined via “rules” to avoid duplicate session names.

User Management Systems
  • Defining users
  • Defining computers
  • Defining user groups
  • Defining computer groups
  • Defining user (or user group) configurations
  • Preparing software updates
  • Sending software or configuration updates to users
  • Blocking unauthorized users
Uncompromising Organizational System

BOSaNOVA Enterprise is an organizational software based on our international award-winning software that has served as a standard since the ‘90s, in Israel and in numerous organizations worldwide.

Organizations that transition to BOSaNOVA Enterprise enjoy optimal work environments, with smooth transition to a simple system.

The system ensures low COO (cost of ownership), simple and efficient central monitoring, and transparent software updates – without the need for user cooperation.

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