Smooth and simple transition to a familiar and reliable work environment, without the learning curve of a new environment.

The leading work environment chosen by numerous corporations in Israel and around the globe.

Advantages of Choosing Secure 9

Supports Range of Display Methods

IBM-5250, IBM-5251, IBM-3477-FG, IBM-3180-2, IBM-3477-FC, Color Display IBM-5211-2, IBM-5291-1, IBM-5292-2, IBM-3196-A-1, IBM-3477-FG, IBM-3180-2, IBM-3179-2

Compatibility with Advance Operating Systems

Complete compatibility with the most updated versions of Windows® operating systems, including Terminal Server.

Advanced Built-In Printing Emulator

Complete support of TN3287 and TN3812 SCS (SNA character string) in direct situations, printing to file, and previews.

Efficacy and Simple Operations

Intuitive, user-friendly, and task focused interface that enables working on a number of sessions simultaneously while simplifying navigation via macros.

Connection Protocol

TN5250 and TN5250E

Programming and Keyboard Adaptation

Mapping complete keyboards, including multiple keyboard profiles and keys that can be defined and predefined. IRMA, EXTRA, IBM, and RUMBA.

Citrix® Compatible

Supports working in Terminal and VDI environments.

Multi Session/Multi Server

Ability to create 32 sessions and connection to hosting servers.

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