Selling Emulation in Israel for IBM i Environment

Available now as a flexible license model , customers can scale up their license pool as the demand increases.

Including comprehensive security, and decreased long term total cost of ownership (TCO).

We understand that transitioning to a new emulator can be stressful and deterring, and that preserving the individual definitions and configuration of each and every user is of the utmost importance.

We also know how to simplify migration from previous versions and other common emulators to the new BOSaNOVA. Our Systems Engineers have decades of experience in upgrading and converting environments from different systems as well as from older BOSaNOVA environments. Our automatic tools simplify the crucial process of converting existing scripts, orders, and configuration files.

BOSaNOVA users save time and server/computer resources, while benefiting from a simple and efficient interface that includes all necessary functions, as well as professional technical support and attractive prices.


Intuitive, easy-to-use interface that enables efficient operations and reduces overall maintenance costs, to help you reduce your IT budget.

Pay as you Grow

Flexible license model for dynamic organizations.

Intuitive and Comprehensive Compatibility with Hebrew

Texts in English, Hebrew, English and Hebrew, and numbers from right to left.

Maximum Security

Encrypting of the highest standards using Tunnel SSH/TLS 1.x/SSL3 with Telnet, and SSH including secured FTP connectivity.

Simple Migration

Automatic tools for simple migration.

We are Attentive to your Needs and Requests

Ongoing investment in development, improvements, and adapting solutions to suit the needs and requirements of our customers and the market.

Highly available support and services without compromise

Excellent technical support each time you need it provided by a local team who understands your organization and needs.

Leading Corporations’ Definite Choice

BOSaNOVA provides organizations with user-friendly solutions that help reduce IT budgets

Discover the best version for you:


Advanced emulation solution for large organizations who need a reliable communications system with maximum security and minimum maintenance requirements. The advanced central management system allows you to manage product versions at different workstations, including for remote users and agents.

Secure 9

BOSaNOVA Secure 9 is an up-to-date emulsion solution for end terminals, based on the renowned BOSaNOVA emulsion solution by BOS, utilized by numerous corporations in Israel and around the world.

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